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Advertising Opportunities on Houston Energy Industry News

Houston Energy Industry News uses an unconventional approach to advertising. The article, the advertising, and the layout are all packaged into one bundle. The article is tailored to fit the customer’s taste and preferences. Advertising images are placed in the article with links to the client’s website. Article presentation is adjusted exactly as the client prefers with the layout of text, pictures, and hyperlink properly ordered.


In a nutshell, it is presented exactly as you like it. Rather than charging for differences in advertisement placement location, duration of time, size of the advertising image; a different approach is taken. The article with the embedded advertisements stays online for the life of the website; the only charge is for the editing or writing of the article, plus the cost for the initial placement of the graphic or video. Same rates apply for the Enewsletter, that is sent out randomly throughout the month and for the republication of white papers on the website. Articles are normally in the neighborhood of 500 words long but can vary to the client’s liking.  Please contact me for rates, TEL 832.2290685 or

Articles can take a variety of forms:

  • News Release

  • New Product

  • Company is speaking at a conference

  • Company is exhibiting at a conference

  • Company is sponsoring a conference

  • Company is announcing an open house

  • Employment opportunities

In general, ads cost 75 cents per word and $500 for each picture or image.  Here are some examples of ads:

1. Independent email announcement: 75 cents per word and $500 per picture. For each email.

2. Send enewsletter with “Sponsored By: ‘Your Event'” and insert image. This will go at the top of the email. $500 per email

3. Banner on my front page for 1 month:

  • Header, $1500
  • Sidebar, $1000
  • Footer, $500

4. Full article advertisement with banner: 75 cents per word and $500 per picture.

5. Podcast, $500/10 minutes

6. Video ad or interview, $1000/10 minutes

The objective of Houston Energy Industry News is to provide informative news tailored to the Houston Energy Industry.  Please contact me.

Richard Carranza
Houston Energy Industry News
TEL 832.229.0685
CEL 832.998.6024

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