Communism In 2022, Conclusion

It is now time to bring this discussion to a conclusion. To do that, we must review what we have thus far revealed about communism and communists. To do this, we must start with Karl Marx.

To develop Communism, Marx used the Hegelian Dialectic: two opposites collide, and are destroyed, the result is something new – the two opposites are merged. Sort of like when acid and base, two nasty materials, are mixed; the result is water, a neutral material. The acid and the base do not exist anymore, per se.

The problem is that Hegel intended this process for different philosophies. Marx is now using this on societies. The rich and poor must destroy each other, and from this will emerge the Worker’s Paradise. There is only one thing to call this type of thinking, diabolical; because he is talking about billions of lives being destroyed.

As J. Edgar Hoover explained, the Communists had great success recruiting on US college campuses in the 1950s and 1960s. Many of these old liberal Democrats in Congress today were college students in those years. If you think about it, many of the actions that Democrats have taken recently most obviously have only one intention: to destroy. No one could be so stupid as to think that good would result. Let us take a look at a few.

  • defund the police
  • lockdowns that destroy businesses
  • forced vaccinations to have a job
  • failed exit from Afghanistan
  • free drugs to addicts
  • opening wide the borders to illegals
  • increasing the national debt by several trillion dollars

I believe that Donald Trump made a big difference. Those old communists knew that he would not play along. Nixon, Reagan, and the Bush’s made concessions to the leftist Democrats, to gain a little on the conservative side. When Trump became President, the Democrats knew the game was over. I believe that a type of sleeper cell alarm went off and caused them to reveal who they really are. For instance, Nancy Pelosi stopped acting like the old sweet grandmother and showed her true self – a supporter of abortion.

For decades the Communist worked patiently, slowly tearing our country apart: sex education, drug addiction, family breakup. They are out in the open now. They will not win this.

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