Quotation For The Week

In 1605, Garcilaso de la Vega published a book about the adventures of Hernando de Soto in the the Southern United States. “The Florida of The Inca”. The name is derived from the fact that de Soto was part of the army with Pizarro who conquered the Incas. This book is a building block that is part of an argument that there did exist a such thing as the “noble savage”. St Paul also talks about it in Romans where he essentially says, “these people have no excuse because they know better”. The only thing that seems to separate Europeans and the native Americans is that the natives used ritualistic human sacrifice. This, as we all know, is completely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Perhaps the Europeans had advanced weapons but I consider them savages with advanced technology. By the way, the character below, Tascalusa, is pronounced in English as Tuscaloosa; and he lived in the area today known as Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

After waiting for some time, Juan Ortiz repeated his message, only to receive an identical reply. Then when a long interval had elapsed, he repeated it again, saying: “Tell Tascaluza to come forth, for the Governor (Hernando de Soto) is waiting for him with food on the table”. At that an Indian who must have been the captain general, emerged from the house and with great pride and singular haughtiness said: “Who are these thieves and vagabonds that keep shouting ‘come forth, come forth’ to my lord Tascaluza with as little consideration as if they were talking with some such person as themselves? By the Sun and the Moon, no one can endure longer the insolence of these demons, and it is therefore only right that they die today, torn into pieces for their infamy, and that in this way an end be given to their wickedness and tyranny.

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