Communism in 2022, Part VI

Ronald Reagan is known by many of us as the Great Anti-Communist. Do not get me wrong, Reagan was not perfect. He used an astrologer in the White House to make important presidential decisions. It is well known. Nonetheless, he talked a good talk when it came to communists; calling the USSR, The Evil Empire. He had mottoes like “peace through strength” and “trust but verify”. Pretty good rhetoric.

Ronald Reagan had a pretty tough going with Democrats in Congress. I believe that many of them were Communist. Here are some of their names:

  • Tip O’Neill
  • Joe Biden
  • Ted Kennedy
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • John Kerry
  • Lloyd Bentsen
  • Jim Wright
  • Tom Foley
  • Steny Hoyer

Some of these folks had elite educations at those fancy liberal colleges. The problem is that some of those old Democrats are still around. Sort of like what President Obama said, “when old men will not get out of the way”. The Cold War is not over because there are old ideologues that still want to achieve their objectives.

Next week, I will wrap this all up and bring it to a conclusion.


  1. Having a commie as a president, not once, but twice now is pretty damning…and old Clinton was pretty much on his way as well. Lincoln was the one who gave us an all powerful centralized fed govt. creating what we have today. That was the watershed event that destroyed what our founders had created.


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