Quotation For The Week

This is such a nice set of quotations but so long and extensive that I decided to publish the video clips instead of typing out the text. In this episode of Barnaby Jones (1976), Norm is an Olympic level swimmer, but his competition, Andy, is a bit faster. Unfortunately, Norm’s dad, Ray, decides to even things up by planting a light narcotic in Andy’s allergy medicine bottle. Andy has an immediate allergic reaction and dies almost instantly.

The murder aside, this set of quotations between Ray and Norm really hits me hard. I know what it is like to have a father that really wants you to succeed in sports – my sport was football. My father and I spent many days for many years talking about success in football: taking strategy, moves, technique. We sat in front of the television for years analyzing the games and learned from what the professionals did. For my dad, rising to the top in the game of football was the greatest achievement that a man could ever attain.

I did become the starting running back at my high school during my senior year, in what would now be considered 6A competition. In 1978, the highest level then was 5A. Unfortunately, once I entered college, a private school, my calling was academics. Football just was not part of the equation anymore. It broke my dad’s heart. He wanted me to play for the Houston Gamblers!?!?

So, I picked this set of quotations because it is just so real. I had many similar discussions with my dad and thankfully it never involved sabotage. For us, it was about beating your opponent in the field – man to man. Being a “man” was always the overshadowing issue. It was important to show guts, grit, persistence, and determination. I chose to show that in academics. I did ok for a guy that had a C+ average in high school and a class rank of 354/500, a place where every semester football counted as a class and that was a guaranteed A.

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