Communism In 2022, Part III

In my opinion, Karl Marx based his theory of Communism on his Jewishness. Marx did come from a Jewish family but his father converted to Lutheranism around the time that Marx was born. It appears that he grew up just like any other German Christian boy, and believe it or not, his writings are full of anti semitic statements.

To understand how Marx could be so influenced by his Jewishness, let us look into the Bible for answers. Remember, I am no theologian, so this is simply what I have gathered from being a Christian for 60 years.

Firstly, let us establish that in the Bible, there are two laws set forth by God. The first one is not named as far as I know, so lets give it a name. We will call it the Protonic Law – “pro” to denote “first”. We will call the second law what its real name is, Deuteronomic Law – “deu” for “second”. The dividing line for the two is the when the Jews worshiped the Golden Calf in the desert. From what I see, Jews today follow the Deuteronomic Law.

Before the Golden Calf, the Jews were a pretty weird group – at least, if compared to their neighbors. They were basically a wandering nomadic group without real clear borders, no King, no Capitol, no main temple, no professional army, no priests, and no fortress. The reason for this is because God was their King, defender, and fortress. Also, every Jew was a priest. Sounds to me like a very egalitarian system.

After, the Golden Calf, it appears that God decided that the Protonic Law was too hard for the Jews. So, he gave them the Deuteronomic Law – an easier law to follow. With this law, a lot strange things got started. You could have multiple wives but you had to treat them all equally. There was now a formal priest class. They finally got a King and standing army. Before, you could eat anything that you wanted to eat but now you had to avoid pigs, clams, shrimp, lobster, oyster, and rabbits – among other things. Israel finally got its main temple but only the priest could enter the Holy of Holies and see the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was shielded by a veil.

Stay with me just a bit more, please. Then Jesus comes along, and he repeatedly says that he is not talking about the Deuteronomic Law; but rather, the Protonic Law. He states this over and over, and adds that we should beware of the priest class. The whole thing is highlighted in the Gospels, after Jesus is crucified, “At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split”. In other words, all Christians are now priests.

Now compare this to Marx’ theory of communism. After the Capitalist and the Proletariat colloid and are destroyed, a Worker’s Paradise is synthesized. Only a temporary government is left and soon fades away leaving a classless society where all men are equal. “Working men of the World unite”. Think about that: no borders, no social classes, and no government. The only difference between Protonic Law and Communism is that, in Communism, there is no God.

Another less significant difference is that in modern communism, society is built on an agricultural system, like in the days of the Old Testament; but this time, advanced industrialism is added. Karl Marx himself said that Communism is a “materialistic view of history”. Hmmm, I do not think that Protonic Law would support that.

In the Spring of 2021, I got really sick. I do not think it was COVID nor anything other than fatigue. I spent hours sick in bed or sitting in front of the TV. I also continued to work on this website. The sickness lasted for months but during that period I had time to think. For many months now, I have had time to incubate this idea of how Judaism influenced the development of Communism. But, understand me on one point. I think that Christianity is the truest form of Judaism because it follows Protonic Law: no dietary restrictions, one wife only, we are all priests, and God is our bulwark.

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  1. I doubt you’d get a lot of my Jewish friends to go along with this. And I’m talking about many of them who belong to Jesus. I think they, along with strong Christians would find this offensive.


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