Riots In Kazakhstan

I used to work as a college professor in Kazakhstan. I did a little research on the area before I left and after I came back. Flying over the Stepps of Eurasia, I noticed that there are practically no trees and very little grass. It is a desert wasteland.

Kazakhs are Moslems. I consider them to be more Iranian than Oriental, even though racially they are East Asia. For centuries, Central Asia has been a hotbed of turmoil. It has always been like that – since before Genghis Khan. Personally, I think it is the lack of food. When people get hungry, they go looking for food; and they take it if they have to.

The news reports do not say what the current problem is now, but it is probably the usual – oppressive regime. I found them to be peaceful and affable. Yet, that is a region that you have to watch because historically it is so volatile.

Kazakhstan had an opportunity to be a world leader in oil production. I believe that has evaporated due to lack of world demand and the fact that their foreign investors have pulled out. Let us see what happens.

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