Communism In 2022, Part 1

I watch international news whenever I can on the internet and television, and I am surprised that no one has just come out and said the obvious: the Cold War is not over. I cannot believe that I do not read any editorials about it nor speeches from politicians that point out this problem.

In the old days, the Cold war was carried out by capitalists and communists in far away, small countries. We used to call them the Bush Wars, because they were usually carried out in countries with lots of vegetation: Korea, Vietnam, Central America, and the jungles of Africa. Unfortunately, it appears that these operations were more military experiments where the super powers could test their new weapons: Napalm, Agent Orange, helicopter transport, guided missiles, F16s, and night vision googles.

Today it appears that the War has moved into our very neighborhoods and halls of government. I know this might seem strange, but I do believe in spiritual good and evil. Furthermore, I believe that good and bad ideas have an inertia of their own, and that these ideas are propelled by spiritual good and evil. An idea is still the same even if it is renamed several times in human history. I believe the same is true with Communism. It is still there, atheistic and evil, as it has been since before the name was even coined. So, there I said it, even though using the word, “Communist” is so out of fashion and style.

Talking about Communism is a difficult thing to do. This is true because the idea has spanned so many centuries – note I said the “idea”, not the “name”. Throughout history, people within their lifetime have only gotten a snapshot of what this monster is. I would like to try and put as many snapshots together as I can and show that it is still very alive. I will draw from the books and statements of people throughout this time period, and maybe before this time period.

I do not know how many Parts that this endeavor will take. The beginning and end are in clear view. It is the middle that will take some organizing. Communism is not just affecting our lives in the energy business, but all aspects of our lives. Stick with me.


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