World Petroleum Congress: Deloitte Networking And Cocktail Reception

We had a great time last night at the Deloitte Networking Reception held in connection with the World Petroleum Congress. The event was held at The Ion located on Main Street. I have to admit the reception was very nice: good venue, good food, and good people – mostly accounting and finance type professionals.

Here is a list of some of the activities:

  • Live music
  • Demonstration of robotic dog, Dot
  • Speech from David Leebron, President of Rice University
  • Sneak peek at The Ion’s new innovation space
  • Networking

The Ion is a technological hub designed to promote innovation in Houston business. Here are some clips from their website:

  • Houston is home to some of the world’s most impactful innovations in the fields of energy, space, medicine, and more.
  • The Ion anchors, activates, and accelerates the innovation ecosystem through partnerships, pathways, and programs that create opportunities to advance and sustain resilient economic growth in Houston.

I say the reception was a success. The people and the venue were very pleasant. Stay tuned for more about the World Petroleum Congress. I hope to cover more Deloitte events in the future.

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