Commentary On AFLDS White Coat Summit II

Last week I published the last video that I had for this conference, held in July, 2021, San Antonio, TX. Hope you all enjoyed it. I did not publish all the videos that I had, only the good ones. In some ways, it is eerie how six months ago, they predicted what would be happening now.

I received an invitation as press to this event, that is how I found out about it. They do this every six months or so, and the events are by invitation only. Hopefully they are keeping me in mind for the next event, and God willing it is not far from Houston. If it is far away, I will not be flying since I am not vaccinated, so I would have to drive. Hopefully, I can make it.

I was present only for the medical presentations, not the legal ones, since both sessions were concurrent. Being present really made me get the deeper meaning of the presentations and helped with the editing. Please stay tuned to Houston Energy Industry News should i get an opportunity to present you with the next set of videos from AFLDS White Coat Summit III.

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