Rice Owl Football Puts LA Tech Bulldogs In The Dog House: 35 To 31

Rice Stadium was the place to be on November 27, 2021. Although the temperature was about 55 F with a steady sprinkle of rain, the football game was worth watching. The weatherman said we were going to get drenched at noon when the game kicked off, but there is a tradition at Rice; “It never rains on the Owl Marching Band”. I thank God for that because my cameras would have gotten awfully wet.

Saturday was “Seniors Honor Day”. The event congratulated all the graduating seniors at Rice, especially those on the football team. Many things were added to complete the celebration: tailgating (also known as Tailgate Owley), horseback rides, cheerleading and MOB presentations, fireworks; plus beer from Karbach Brewing. With the price of tuition these days, I am glad that I graduated from college a long time ago.

Take a look at the Box Score:

Louisiana Tech10014731

As you can tell, the game was close all the way. LA Tech took the lead early 10 – 0. But, Rice came back. By the 4th Qtr, Rice was down 31 – 28. Finally, a pass from McMahon to Patterson clinched the game for Rice in the final minutes. After a terrible season, 4 wins and 8 losses, this is a good way for Rice to close the year and honor its graduating seniors. Unfortunately, a bad way for LA Tech Head Coach, Skip Holtz, to leave the Bulldogs on his final game.

So, in a nutshell, I think that Rice lacked consistency this year. For instance, I counted 4 quarterbacks that started in the season: McCaffrey, Constantine, Green, and McMahon. In the old days, we used to call that a “Revolving Door”. People might disagree with me, but the quarterback is the primary ball carrier: he has the option to hand off, pitch, run, or throw – it is up to him. I appreciate a quarterback who knows better than to pitch me the ball 5 yards in the backfield when the defender is right on top of me – that is why it is call an option. Teams have a rhythm. Rice just never really had that rhythm.

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