Quotation For The Week

Here are the lyrics to a song that I remember in the 1960’s. The group is Spanky and the Gang and the song is “I’d Like To Get To Know You”. I found this song one night when I was searching YouTube for songs from this time period. I had actually forgotten about it. The minute I heard it, then it all came rushing back.

The reason why I am bringing these lyrics up is because they are such a contrast to what we hear today. The 60’s were a bad time: Vietnam, JFK Assassination, RFK Assassination, Martin Luther King Assassination, Watts Riot, Black Panthers, Cuban Missile Crisis, Tet Offensive, etc. There was a lot to worry about. Yet, the young of that generation did have an idealistic vision of the future. I stated college in 1979 and those idealistic forces were still very much in play. I came out of college with lots of optimism about the future.

What happened? What I see in the current generation is a lack of idealism. Instead of looking forward, seems like the young are looking inward. If you take the music and the videos that they are producing as a basis to make a judgement, the only word you can say is “egotistical”. Although the kids today might be talented, the way they express that in music and dance is in a manner that takes no special training. The lyrics, the singing, the dancing look like anyone could just jump up at anytime and start doing it.

I was watching a rerun of The Jimmy Dean show one day. He was actually a talented man, although I only thought of him as the sausage guy. On one show, he had Vikki Carr as the guest artist. After they finished a duet, he asked her to “redo that modulation”. I wonder if any of the current pop singers even know what that is?

I did not believe in the hippie movement. I have never taken drugs in my whole life. I believe in waiting for true love and marriage. I was not a college dropout. I did register for the draft. I remember this song from my childhood. I was in 2nd Grade at Park Place Elementary. Some how the song was buzzing around as I walked past Park Place Park, on my way home to Park Place Apartments. So, I choose to live in that old world where we still looked outwardly. And, I continue looking for “One I thought was true, Looked a bit like you, Figured I might chance her”.

One I thought was true
Looked a bit like you
Figured I might chance her
Hardly need to say
She went on her way
Said it was all over
Well it’s been some time
And I guess that I’m just meant to be a rover

– I’d Like To Get To Know You, Spanky and The Gang, 1968

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