Oklahoma State Blows Out Rice Women’s Basketball, 68 – 48

I really thank God for all the fair weather we are having these days. On November 20, it was dry and sunny, with temperatures around 75F. The only problem is that I wish I could be delivering good news instead of bad: Rice got stomped by OSU.

Things were pretty close in the 1st Quarter. I thought to myself, “Rice could prove that they are a top ranked national team”. Nope. In the second Quarter, OSU just started pulling away. The two teams were pretty much equally matched. I cannot help but feel that the Cowgirls spotted some systematic holes in the Owl plan and simply exploited it.

Here is the box score:

Oklahoma St.1021181968

In 2019, Rice won their conference for women’s basketball. I think it can happen again. They just will not beating any big national teams like OSU. Nevertheless, within C-USA, I think they can go all the way. More pictures below.

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