Offshore Wind Drinks Happy Hour At Kirby Ice House

It was a pretty festive night at Kirby Ice House last night November 18. That is were professionals in the energy business got together for Offshore Wind Drinks Happy Hour. Personally, I am a downstream guy. But, I love learning about the energy industry and there was plenty of that for me last night. The Northeast USA coastline is an eyesore with all these wind turbines just offshore. Seems to me that floating wind is the next hot ticket item – which is what this event is trying to emphasize

.Here is a list of the sponsors:

  • Shea Writing and Training Solutions
  • Upstream Marketing
  • Brunel
  • EPI Group
  • Lucus Group
  • Onestep Power

This is a regular event, so stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, please view more pictures below.

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