Happy Hour For Neeta Sane: Running For Commissioner, PCT 4, Fort Bend County

I had the pleasure of joining the rally last night for Neeta Sane who is running for Commissioner in PCT 4, Fort Bend County. We all got together at Alings Chinese Restaurant, In Sugar Land. I am a Republican voter, and although Sane is running as a Democrat, I was surprised to hear that whether you are left of right, we all have the same concerns.

Here are some of the eye opening changes that she is pushing for.

  • Better traffic control, including planning, maintenance, and inclusion of IOT
  • Establishing a trauma center and well funded mental health center
  • Flood Control
  • Support for small business
  • Public Safety

I remember, back in the “Good Ole Days” driving through Sugar Land to or from Corpus Christi and asking my Dad to tell me when we got to Imperial Cane Sugar refinery. That area was a vast prairie wasteland. Oh Ho, not today. Fort Bend has nearly 800,000 people. Most of the population is Asian, Black, or Hispanic.

The real sticking point for me was traffic control. Here in Montgomery County, I think we got most things like trauma center and mental health treatment center; but traffic control is becoming an issue. This is especially true because of all the home construction. The Woodlands is a nightmare during rush hour. We basically only have two main highways in Montgomery County: I-45 and 105. Seems like the only solution to congestion that we can find here is to put in another traffic light. Of course, after your drive time has been doubled because of all the “cheesy” traffic lights put in by special interest, the only thing the traffic cop can tell you is “slow down”. In my neighborhood, we put in traffic lights for private roads – they are closed to the public. How did that happen?

I am a one issue voter and my vote is Republican because I support life. Voting Democrat could never be an option for me. Yet, I see that we still have many shared concerns. So, let’s talk.

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