Rice Men’s Basketball Is Red Pepper Hot Against Pepperdine, 82 – 63

November 9th, 2021, Rice played Pepperdine at Rice Tudor Fieldhouse. All day, I had been attending the Rice E&C Global Summit. After the conference, I jumped on the University’s shuttle system and got myself down to Tudor Fieldhouse.

I was not to be disappointed. Rice played very well. After the first half, things were pretty much even. However, the coach must have given the Rice basketball team a good tongue lashing in the locker room because they came out like a disturbed hornet’s nest. Reminded me of the old “Phi Slama Jama”. I was impressed.


I do not think that Rice can compete with teams like Texas, Indiana, Villanova, A&M, and such. But, within conference USA, I am expecting to see some good things. Below, are more pictures.

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