Press Release: ABB Installation Products brings innovation in conduit and cable support to the global rail transport industry – APTA Conference

  • Modular design for an evolving transportation market seeking to enhance safety, efficiency and continuous operations
  • PMA TRUST™ modular support system secures multiple conduits and cables in various sizes for easy installation and routing in rolling stock
  • Free webinars Tuesday, 5 October, will highlight solutions for rail applications in any region

Each day, millions of people around the world rely on railways and buses to travel from point-to-point and to carry commercial cargo from place-to-place. Over time, heavy use and exposure to weather and stress leads to damage of conduits and cables within these transport vehicles and endangers their reliable operation. As the global rail transport and freight market continues to grow, operators want solutions that enable them to keep up with demand and operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Building on nearly 50 years of technology, ABB Installation Products developed the PMA TRUST™ modular support system as an advanced fixation solution for a changing global rail transport industry. Designed for use in railway vehicle construction and other applications where fixation of parallel running conduits and cables is required, the PMA TRUST™ modular support system adapts to different conduit and cable combinations and sizes, allowing conduits to rotate and move within the system to prevent damage due to torsional stress. The new PMA TRUST system meets or exceeds current installation and safety requirements in every region, including compliance to rolling stock standard EN45545-2/HL3 and NFPA 130.

“Rail is a highly electrified and energy efficient form of transport for freight and passengers. As cities focus on improving rolling stock operations and meeting growing transportation needs, ABB is working with planning and engineering teams to solve complex cable issues with the new PMA TRUST™ modular support system,” said Heinz Seedorf, PMA Account Manager for Rail, ABB Installation Products. “In an industry that never stops, manufacturers are choosing the PMA TRUST system for their trains based on its light and compact design, safety, durability and compatibility with rail applications around the world.”

The rail and transportation industry has used PMA® cable protection solutions for nearly half a century. Produced and tested at ABB’s Uster, Switzerland, facility as part of the ABB Installation Products portfolio of rail transport and electrification solutions, the PMA TRUST™ modular support system is available globally.

Part of its Electrification business area, ABB Installation Products Division, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of products used to manage the connection, protection and distribution of electrical power in industrial, construction and utility applications. With more than 200,000 products under more than 38 premium brand names, ABB Installation Products solutions can be found wherever electricity is used.

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