North Texas Mean Green Takes Out Rice Football Green: North Texas 30 – Rice 24

You could not have asked for a more beautiful day at Rice Stadium, October 30, 2021, where Rice University matched up with University of North Texas for a big conference football game. It was Homecoming for Rice and we were all having fun in the sun with temperatures around 75 F.

Rice really should not have lost this game. Rice came into the contest 3-4 while Mean Green was 1 -6. I can honestly say that Rice has the better team. But if you have attended many Rice football games, then you know how they can turn a good thing into a “Comedy of Errors”.

Here is a snapshot of the box score as the game did go into over time.

North Texas3777630

I will not go into a play by play analysis; however, I will spell out the key reasons for the loss on Saturday, as I see it. Firstly, the wind got taken out of Rice with the lost of quarterback Wiley Green. Looks like Rice finally found their man but he was taken out with a serious knee injury in the first quarter. So, it was back to Tandem Incorporated with Constantine and McCaffery.

Secondly, Rice has consistently gotten beat at the front four, on offense and on defense. I do not see how you can win football games if you cannot control that front line. Green was going to really be the salvation for Rice this year; but with him out, the only thing to do is stop the other team from scoring and let running back Myers cut loose. But, this has to be done between the tackles.

Thirdly, and I do not know how relevant this is, I believe that most teams that play against Rice intended to treat them like in the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds”. In the past, I have seen teams come here and do some pretty dirty stuff. In this game, North Texas was man handling Rice players, after the whistle: picking them up off the ground, pushing, and lots of taunting. North Texas was penalized quite a few times for unsportsman like behavior. Rice needs to know that now is the time to say, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.

Next up is away at Charlotte, this coming Saturday. Rice can still win a trip to a bowl, if they win the rest of their games this season. Let us hope they do. Please enjoy more pictures below.

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