Mixer Sponsored By Cotabo At Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo

After the first day of the Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo, Westin Hotel, we crossed the street to Memorial City Mall and attended the mixer sponsored by Cotabo. I got to meet some pretty interesting people there, including John Ruddy, President of Cotabo. There was plenty of food, drinks, and discussion in a very private and quaint venue.

Here is how Cotabo describes itself.

Cotabo is a boutique consulting firm focusing on information and data management solutions. We have deep experience in the Energy space and we have translated that experience to multiple other industries. Our people are what set us apart; they are experienced, seasoned experts with a passion for solving problems for our clients, allowing them to unlock the value of their data. Data is hard…we get it. We are passionate about sharing our expertise to boost the results of our clients. Our efforts have helped our clients to leverage data to impact business performance, operations, safety, compliance and many other areas.

I want to thank Cotabo for a fine evening of good company and pleasant conversation. Furthermore, if you are into big energy data, the Houston Petroleum Professional Data Expo is the place for you. Here is where you meet folks like Cotabo

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