Southern Mississippi Succumbs To Rice Volleyball In Feeding Frenzy, 3-0

October 22, 2021 was the night to be at Rice University, Tudor Fieldhouse. Rice Volleyball played Southern Mississippi University in a very exciting match. The great thing about Rice volleyball games is FREE PARKING!!!!

To be quite frank, Rice simply manhandled Southern Miss. They both appeared to be equal in ability except for scoring power. Rice had several heavy hitters on their team: Nicole Lennon, Ellie Bichelmeyer, Danyle Courtley, and Anota Adekunle. I do not want to leave out Carly Graham. Carly is not your traditional big power spike player. She has this technique that uses her palms to slide the ball over the net. It is subtle, catches you off guard, and is very freaking effective.

But of course, the big star is Nicole Lennan. Whether she is in the front row or the back row, does not matter – her spikes are deadly. I really hope she tries out for the 2024 Olympics because she has what it takes.

This is what Rice staff reporter, Kenny Bybee, writes about Lennon:

Just one week after becoming Rice Volleyball’s all-time leader in career kills, senior outside hitter Nicole Lennon grabbed even more history by surpassing 2,000 career kills in the Owls’ 3-1 victory (25-11, 25-22, 23-25, 25-14) over Southern Miss Saturday afternoon at Tudor Fieldhouse.

Note that my article is about the game on October 22. Rice and Southern Miss. also squared up on October 23. The game that Bybee is referring to is the one on the 23rd.

The real story behind this story is that Rice Volleyball is undefeated in conference this year. I think everyone kinda expected this. I really like volleyball, ever since I first learned how to play in 7th grade down in Pasadena, TX. It is so fun to have a major volleyball team right in our own back yard. GO OWLS!!!!

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