Quotation For The Week

“Today Is Mine” is a song written by Jerry Reed, and published on his album, “Alabama Wild Man”, 1968. The first time I heard this song it was the version done by Glen Campbell. The song talks about being outside in nature and watching the sun rise. Now, I have never been one to go for those nature songs. Nature is full of heat, snow, rain, snakes, bears, sharks, and accidents just waiting to happen.

However, it was this set of lines that caught my attention. I have always been in a hurry with my eyes on the horizon, looking for the next opportunity. I have been dissatisfied with the present and I would even say that I have cursed the present. But, I have a problem when Reed says that today is the only garden we can tend. A man without a plan is a wondering nobody. Sure, plans do not work out sometimes, but you just readjust the plan.

As far as peace of mind goes, I have to ask, does anyone really expect to find it? What would happen if everyone became too comfortable? Nope, in my case, I have found solace in books. I did not find comfort in getting the starting position in football, nor the right degree from the right college, nor getting a high paying job at the right company, nor getting the right house in a good neighborhood, nor marring the right woman with the posh background.

I am not saying books are for everyone. In my case, I had nagging questions: who am I, who am I destined to be, where did I come from, what is love, what is happiness, who is God, what standards do I follow to make the right all round decisions? Books answered theses questions for me – at least, for the most part.

I look around me and I see people going through horrible experiences. Yet, they go on and they do not stop dreaming. If I had horrible experiences like that, I would have crawled into a hole and died. However, I do realize the fool I have been. I should have embraced every moment in the present: the disappointments and accomplishments.

Sure, I have traveled around the world. And somehow, it was never about landing that big contract and pulling down a mountain of cash. It appears to be more about people sharing their experiences with me: our engineering conference manager in La Coruna, Spain; the carpet vendor in Istanbul; my college student in Kazakhstan; the foreign student from Sudan during graduate school. Seems that life is about getting to where you need to be – not where you are.

With all men I curse the present that seems void of peace of mind,
and race my thoughts beyond tomorrow and vision there more peace of mind.
But when I view the day around me I can see the fool I’ve been.
For today is the only garden we can tend. – Today Is Mine, Jerry Reed, 1968

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