Houston Dynamo Gets Eclipsed By L.A. Galaxy, 0-3

October 20, 2021. I remember days in my childhood while living in Houston that late October meant the leaves turning brown (not changing color) and a cool snap in the weather that brought with it a soothing light, dry, refreshing breeze. Not so last Wednesday night when the Dynamo lined up against the LA Galaxy. Thank you Global Warming.

Boy was it hot and humid – stagnant air. The Dynamo played like they were suffocating under the Southeast Asian weather conditions. Within one minute, I knew Houston would lose this bout. The ball handling skills of the Galaxy were just superb. They made a lot of attempts at the Houston goalie throughout the game. Law of averages says you are going to score.

Yet the Galaxy did not score. In the first half, the Galaxy scored a goal though the help of a penalty shot. Then Dynamo, Zarek Valentin accidentally kicked the ball into his own goal. Finally, the Galaxy got a goal on their own at the beginning of the second half. Dynamo fans were pretty dejected and they made their voices heard.

What really got my attention was watching Houston score a goal against itself. I felt like I had been blindsided. I have not seen this since that Colombian guy, Andreas Escobar, did it while representing Colombia against the USA in the FIFA World Cup, back in 1994. That one act pretty much describes how things went for Houston on Wednesday night. Please see more pictures below.

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