COVID Corner: Natural Immunity

Remember that I am not a doctor. I am only repeating what I hear doctors say. My goal with this series is to just stir up the discussion a bit, and talk about some things that have been on my mind for a long time.

The meaning of the term natural immunity should be obvious, so let us talk about it. From the day we are born, our bodies are being bombarded by parasites: like bacteria and viruses. We are born with defenses for these parasites already. As we get older, we are exposed to more parasites, most of which are mutated forms of the previous ones. Just coming into contact with the world builds up our natural immunity because we are coming into contact with new parasites everyday. Our body remembers them, and can produce the antibodies to fight parasites quickly. The trick is not to get too much of one parasite at one time so that your immune system is overwhelmed – like someone sneezing right in your face.

The doctors say that children have very strong immune systems; thus, they are less likely to get sick from COVID and spread the disease. Children are not super-spreaders. Children do get COVID sometimes, but they are less likely to to get very sick and they appear to be less likely to spread the disease. I like to think of it as Darwinian Survival of the Fittest. Children must have good immune systems to insure the propagation of our species. Please see the graph below.

Thus, if you already had COVID, you really do not need to be vaccinated because your body naturally remembers that disease and already has a mechanism for producing antibodies to defend against it – since COVID mutates slowly. I personally know of a person that had COVID, got the vaccines, and got the booster; but quit their job at a hospital because they are 81 years old and afraid of getting COVID. That does not make any sense to me – how much more immunity does that person want?

I am a Christian and I do not believe we evolved from green slim. I do however acknowledge that there is a such thing as evolution and that there is a struggle for survival of the fittest. The war of Good vs Evil is taking place right in our very genetics. I do not believe that only the fittest should survive. As a Christian, I believe in keeping every living soul in this race as long as possible. But quitting your job due to fear of COVID after you have already had COVID, the vaccine, and the booster is just plain silly; because you are naturally immune, plus some.

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