Rice Football Just Outstretches University Of Southern Mississippi, 10/2/21

“Rain, rain go away, come back some other day”. That is the way it was last Saturday at Rice Stadium were the Owls just got by Southern Miss, 24 to 19. As it turned out, it was a great evening for football. This is Rice’s second win in a row and it appears they are on a roll.

The picture at the top of this article pretty much describes the whole game. With about a minute to go, and the score Rice 24 and USM 17, USM attempts a 42 yard bomb and the pass is intercepted by Rice. Just take a look at that photo and see how close it was. The play was so close, I did not know it was an interception. I thought it was another episode of the “Rice Football Follies”.

In the nesx photo below, I am going to show you how it looked from my angle. I really think this photo says it all. The Owls could have a really good year this year in conference. Sure they got blown out by those big schools earlier, but the Owls are not really making a lot of mental mistakes. If they keep up this play, it could be a whole new “ball game”, as the saying goes.

Here is the box score:

Southern Miss.707519

After the interception, the ball is about on the Rice 10 yard line. The Owls cannot get a first down so they have to punt; but rather than punt, the Owls take a safety instead. I never did like that type of football. Reminds me of the old days when Franco Harris would just run out of bounds so as to not get hit. Nevertheless, the safety proved effective. With only about 7 seconds left in the game, USM could not score, and that was the end of that.

Have you ever gotten that feeling where you do not want to open your mouth because you are afraid that you might JINX yourself? Well, I am going to say it anyway, and God be my shield from the stormy blast. Although an important component of the Rice team is the combined efforts of quarterbacks McCaffery and Constantine – which I call Tandem Incorporated – the real key is to keep running back Jordan Myers healthy. I think he will be the focal point this year.

Typically, Rice has lots of injuries. If they can keep the top stars healthy, I think this team is going to have a fine year.

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