Rice University Beerfest

Rice University held its annual Beerfest at the George R. Brown Tennis Center on October 2. The event was held in conjunction with the University of Houston Fall Tennis Tournament (womens). It rained cats and dogs in Houston just prior to Beerfest, 3:30pm, but it stopped just in time for us to have a grand time.

You might wonder why a U of H tournament is being held at Rice University. Well, you know Houston. The slightest sprinkle and we are flooded. And so it goes with the U of H tennis courts – they were flooded. Thus, not only did we enjoy lots of free beer but we also got to see some tennis.

The Beerfest was designed to be a type of tailgate party before the Rice – Southern Mississippi football game. Personally, i had a good time and great conversation – always someone at Rice ready to talk about East Asian Christian Transcendental Philosophy. Ha Ha, just joking. If you were not there, I wish you had been. Check out the rest of the pictures.

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