Rice Football Against Houston In The Bayou Bucket: Cougar, Pass By

Great American novelist Larry McMurtry is a Rice University graduate. He wrote the famous novel, “Horseman, Pass By’. The movie HUD was developed from it. The title is taken from a poem written by William Butler Yeats. My heritage is not Celtic so these phraseologies never really make sense to me. Nevertheless, the picture above says it all regarding the game at Rice Stadium on Saturday night, 9/11/21 – “Cougar, Pass By”.

The Rice Owls were placed in a “Turkey Shoot” or should I say, “Owl Shoot”. I do not think I am being harsh when I say that Houston simply dominated the game. It was so easy. I know I say this often but the difference is just sheer athleticism. Not all Division I teams are created equally.

Here is a recap:


I wish I could put the blame on someone. I wish I could say, “oh it was that McCaffrey guy”. But, I cannot. Houston is just simply in another league. I wish I could return to the days in the 1950s when Rice was Southwest Conference Champion. Never gonna happen, it is a different era. I look forward to regular conference games. In the meantime, I think Houston is VERY good. I am gonna watch them.

Needless to say, my gosh, was last Saturday a gorgeous day. Standing in the shadow of the event in NYC, nothing was to pull us down on this football day. Rice University and the surrounding neighborhood is simply “eye candy”. It was worth being there just for the sun and all the people. The next week, Rice is at Texas. Meanwhile, enjoy more pictures.

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