Commentary: The Islamic Question

Let me say firstly that I am a supporter of Islam. I am a Christian, but I have learned more about Christianity through my study of Islam than I did when I only studied Christianity. Secondly, any idea can be used for good or for evil. Americans think that Islam is the problem in the world, when in fact, it is bad people who are the problem – same old story. I know for a fact that the central theme in Islam is forgiveness, not Jihad; thus, those in the Middle East that preach Jihad usually are just “fanatics”.

Islam is not going away. It started around 600 AD when the Archangel Gabriel gave the prophet, Mohammad, the Koran – Koran means “The recital”. The Koran was recited and was written down from memory. Christianity believes that the Moslems are essentially the descendants of Ismail – the illegitimate son of Abraham. If you take a good look at the Koran, it is just a readjusted version of the Pentateuch.

Almost immediately after the Koran was compiled, the Islamic Empire started. I would say that the first conquests were legitimate. As a new ethnic group, Moslems needed to establish there borders. Within a couple of generations, the Islamic Empire expanded to include not only Arabian peninsula; but also the entire Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern Africa, and parts of Central Asia.

Around 1000 AD, the Turks came into the picture. The Turks had traveled over centuries from Central Asia, through Persia, and finally landed in Turkey. By now the Turks are no longer Buddhists; but rather, Moslems. Turks are part of the Islamic Empire. Strangely enough, around 1200 AD, the Turks took the power of the empire away from the Arabs. This was not done through warfare but by diplomacy.

By 800 AD, the Moslems were already in the Iberian Peninsula. Now with the Turks, Islam was spreading into Greece, Poland, The Balkans, and Russia. They were becoming “A Problem”. Islam blocked trade in the Mediterranean. They also hindered European access to the Silk Road. Islam even threatened to take over the Vatican.

The Islamic Question was not fully resolved, and perhaps is still not resolved, until the defeat of the Turks in World War I. The Islamic Empire was split up and new nations were created like Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, etc. Western powers have invested heavily in these countries and backed that investment with military power. Yet, the problem lives on. We still have the Islamic Question.

Today, people are attacking Joe Biden for his withdrawal in Afghanistan. I say, “it does not matter, we will never resolve the Islamic Question”. We will be dealing with Islam from now until the Second Coming of Jesus. The Bible says that Ismail was a “jackass of a man”. I do not know if this is true. One thing is true, however, we do have to deal with the problem of Islam. So far we have tried war, maybe it is time to try peace?

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