Rice VS. Texas State In Volleyball Exhibition Match

Last Saturday was a great day to be on the Rice University campus. The afternoon was sunny, with a slight breeze – although the temperature was about 97F. But in Tudor Fieldhouse it was nice and cool, where Rice locked horns with Texas State for an exhibition match in volleyball.

In my opinion, it was a match of Samson versus the Philistines. Rice totally dominated the play. Rice won the first three sets; however, the coaches agreed to get some more practice in, so they went all five sets. The only set that Texas State won was the last one that only went to 15 points. It was not a cake walk for Rice because Texas State put up a pretty good fight. It just goes to show how good this Houston team is.

It appears that Rice University has plenty of depth in their roster. They could substitute widely and heavily, and still keep up the same performance level. Having said that, the person to watch this year is #11 Nicole Lennon. She is an Academic All American and has a mean spike. Nicole really stands out: she is a good setter and spiker, and all around team player. Expect good things from her this year.

I was told at the game that Rice is ranked #1 in the conference. After what I saw on Saturday, I do not doubt it. In recent years, at least, this team has been pretty good. This year should be an exciting year. The next match at home is Sept 2 against Oregon. Please take a glace below at the rest of the photos.

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