Radix Engineering and Aveva OTC Mixer, 8/17/2021

Radix Engineering and Aveva got together and hosted an after hours OTC mixer at the Hotel Zaza Downtown. It was a great time: good venue, good people, and good food. The guest speaker was Allen Forte. Previously, Forte was the speech writer for General Colin Powell. His specialty is in Transformational Executive Development.

The theme of Forte’s presentation was “Build A House That You Can Live In”. He is a proponent of making the corporation a house that you can live in and it all starts with executive leadership. In other words, make the corporation a good dwelling space, then move forward for profits, spearheaded by good executive leadership. If you think about it, that is true for everything: your home, neighborhood, city, state, nation, and the world. Secure that through leadership, then move on to great things

Radix and Aveva are top software engineering firms in the energy industry. They provide cradle to grave solutions in the instrumentation and controls sector, and concentrate heavily on DCS. Come see them at OTC. Radix is in the Brazilian Pavilion.

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