Commentary: Schlumberger Will Not Attend Offshore Technology Conference, 2021

It is a sad day in Hell when people do not want to attend the Offshore Technology Conference. Schlumberger announced that it will not attend the meeting, and McDermott said it will send a reduced staff. My understanding is that attendance at OTC this year will be greatly reduced from previous years due to COVID concerns.

As our government continues to allow thousands, perhaps millions, of illegals to cross our borders who are not checked for COVID, I think to myself, “why am I being punished?”. By succumbing to this fear, one locks himself in his own mental jail cell. By playing along, the government has no impetus to change its policies.

So why are companies playing along in this scenario? The only reason I can thing of is liability. In the age of COVID, being forced into human contact can be considered a hazardous work environment. As for me, I will attend OTC and I will rely on Providence to look over me. Life is for living.

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