Commentary: COVID Cases Are Up In Texas Due To Illegal Immigration

In the South, COVID cases are surging, especially in Texas. Is that really any surprise considering that our government is allow thousands of illegal aliens into our country without being tested for the disease? Although this is bad news, there is a positive note: It is clear now how badly our federal and state governments have handled this situation – crystal clear.

The impetus to make me say this is Dr. Nicole Saphier. This is a lady that I did not like at the beginning of this pandemic. She was completely onboard with the Federal government when this crisis first hit – mindlessly parroting the mandates set forth by our leaders:

  • social distancing
  • hand washing
  • wearing a mask
  • getting vaccinated
  • getting tested
  • shutdowns
  • etc

In recent interviews on FOX, Dr. Saphier has changed her tune. She is not anti-government, but she is not going along like she used to do. And why would she? In fact, quite a few doctors have changed their tune. The reason seems clear. We did the social distancing, the lockdowns, the masks, the vaccines, etc. What is the net result? A person can still catch the virus even if vaccinated; and even though a person is vaccinated, he still has to wear a mask.

Throw on top of the pile one more thing. The government is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants with COVID to enter our country. Americas were told that they could get their freedom, jobs, and lives back if they followed the rules. Americans, much to my chagrin, did for the most part follow the rules. Now, illegals are pouring into this country and getting airplane rides, bus rides, clothes, food, housing, jobs, and help from churches. On the other hand, Americans get neither jobs nor extended emergency unemployment benefits.

If Dr Saphier has eyes, then she can see what I am seeing. This government is a fraud on both sides of the aisle – no one can be this stupid. Let us take President Biden and Governor Abbott as an example. The Biden Administration swears that the border is closed; yet, Governor Abbott continues to allow illegal aliens to be literally chauffeured across our border and across this nation. Biden will not send more law enforcement nor the military to the border but Abbott continues to provide transportation and processing centers for illegals.

Each party blames the other for the problem, but it is obvious that this whole thing is a fraud. No one should be surprised that COVID cases are rising.

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