AFLDS White Coat Summit II: Ryan Cole Speaks On Post Investigational Vaccine Deaths


  1. They need to stop the vaccine now, and for the love of God do not give that poison to children and young adults. I am scared that the schools will try and vaccinate the kids in school behind the parents backs. You Dr. have to come out in extremely large numbers and yell at the top of your lungs. Get the nurses to join you. I actually believe our government has lost their frigin mind. They are trying to kill us all.

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    1. Don’t forget our military personnel !! They’re ALL being FORCED to take the shot. Without an active military, America becomes Defenseless and all China and or Russia need to do is walk right in and kill off the remaining people. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.

      May I also remind people, the Traitors in D.C. are NOT taking the Shot !!
      They’re being given Saline Solutions to make it APPEAR that they’re taking it. TRUST ME on this.

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