Unconventional Resources Technology Conference Is In Town This Week

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference kicked off on Monday and will be here for 3 days: July 26 thru July 28, George R. Brown Convention Center. The event has presentations, exhibition, and online access. This is a great time to have an energy conference as we come out of the pandemic.

Here are some of the topics at the conference:

  • Hydraulic fracturing modeling
  • Produced water
  • Rock mechanics
  • Geochemistry
  • Flare reduction
  • NMR applications

One of the things that impressed me at the conference is the amount of sheer programming that goes into the modeling software. I found out that a great amount of mathematics and numerical analysis is applied to simulating wells. It is so impressive that a prospect can be fully engineered and developed before the hole is even dug.

The conference is here until Wednesday. Please come and join us. Register right here https://urtec.org/2021/

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