America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit II

America’s Frontline Doctors held their second white coat conference in San Antonio, Texas on July 24, 2021. This event was closed to the public and was not advertised. Nonetheless, this group apparently has a lot of support here in Texas and some fine speakers were presented.

Some of the topics discussed include,

  • The risks and dangers of vaccination
  • The psychology of wearing masks and lockdowns
  • The objectiveness of the data and the journals that report on COVID
  • The success of using hydroxychloroquine
  • Natural immunity to this disease
  • Loss of freedom and rights

There was also a legal track for this conference that was held in parallel. I attended the track designated for the doctors to speak. I suspect that one the topics in the legal track was the legality of banning the use of hydroxychloroquine. This drug is used in Africa to treat malaria. Consequently, Africa has low rates of COVID infection. America’s Frontline Doctors have a link on their website where you can buy hydroxychloroquine – legally.

In the future, America’s Frontline Doctors will be posting videos from the conference. Stay tuned for there is more to come.


    1. February had CBC done, WBC normal. I got J&J vaccine in April, August blood work shows WBC 2 points low. I have no history of WBC low problems. My body is fighting something that I allowed to be inserted in me because I trusted the government and research of this damn vaccine.


  1. I dont see anything on their website yet about the White Coat Summit. They usually post this stuff for the individual presentations. I have found fragments of the Summit on the internet, however. I will be posting one or two videos of presentations per week on Houston Energy Industry News, as I find them. Stay tuned.


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