NSA Is Spying On Tucker Carlson

This video is of great interest to me. That is because I have seen this pattern repeat over and over in my life. The first time I saw it was in 1985 as a young 24 year old college student working a part-time job, at let us say, “X Chemical Company”. I worked there for two weeks during the Christmas holidays (1984 – 1985) in their Shipping and Receiving Dept. The location was at West Belt and Memorial, more or less; in Houston. West Belt is now West Sam Houston Toll Rd.

Company X decided to install a security camera in the shipping dock, because that was a point of security weakness. The problem is that they assigned their shipping supervisor to manage the project; rather than their head of security. The technician advised that the camera be placed in a position where the camera faced any individual coming into the building – inline with his walking path. This would give about 5 seconds of video time, recording the person from entry to the camera location itself.

All of the dock workers, including myself, had desks that where lined up next to a wall that started at the dock entrance and stretched back into the building – 90 degrees to the entrance. The dock supervisor disagreed with the placement of the camera as suggested by the technician. The dock supervisor wanted the camera place behind all the desks so that he could WATCH HIS EMPLOYEES.

The technician strongly disagreed with the dock supervisor. The technician basically argued that since the angle is 90 degrees, the camera would only catch a “blip” of the person walking in and that blip would only be his side profile. The supervisor insisted, “NO”, that he wanted to watch his employees. The technician hung his head in disgust and said, “OK”.

Thus, spying on employees took precedence over building security. This is why this video is important to me. It is a pattern. Anytime security is ramped up, it is always aimed at the innocent and never at the guilty.

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