Floating Wind Solutions Conference Is Held At The Westin Memorial City

The Floating Wind Solutions Conference was attended from June 28 – 29, 2021. I have to admit, this was an interesting event. Floating wind energy concentrates on obtaining wind energy in deeper ocean waters. This is particularly true in the Atlantic off the coast of the NE USA. The conference was organized by Quest Floating Wind Energy.

Here are some of the topics discussed at the meeting:

  • Mooring
  • Scale Up
  • Power
  • Risk
  • Installation

I am a chemical engineering by training and education. While at the conference, I began to feel the potential that clean energy has in this world. There is no doubt that clean energy is the future. Oil was once King. Looks like in the coming decades, oil will not disappear; but it will not be anything close to what it once was.

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