Soccer: Houston Dash Give Orlando their First Loss, 2 – 1

Saturday was a great day for soccer at BBVA Stadium. The temp was about 91F with low humidity and a nice little gusty wind. This was a big match for Houston. Orlando was listed as #1 in division standings.

There must be some kind of “alignment of the stars” between the Dynamos and the Dash. The Dynamos tied Portland 2 – 2 on Wednesday. The Dash almost did the same thing on Saturday against Orlando – and in the same way.

In the Dynamos game, Houston scored twice in the first half; then Portland scored twice in the second half. The same thing almost happened on Saturday. The Dash scored 2 times in the first half but Orlando only scored once in the second half. Note that in the last minutes of the Dash game, the Houston goalie had 2 critical saves. I cannot believe that in both of these games, all goals have been scored on the North side goal. 7 goals in total.

I think both Houston teams are of high quality. They both towered over their opponents in talent. Yet both almost lost their recent games. They can have a great season, so long as they do not “choke” in the home stretch.

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