Houston Dynamos versus Portland Timbers Ends In Stalemate, 2 – 2

The Dynamos lined up to play the Portland Timbers on Wednesday. It was a hot day for a soccer game with temperatures around 95F and high humidity. Yet, a beautiful day with clear skies, plenty of sun, and dry conditions. Furthermore, BBVA Stadium is a nice venue and an idyllic place for a sporting match. BBVA is an important financial institution in Houston, supplying working capital to the Houston energy industry.

in general, I thought Houston was the better team. They had more ball control, team work, and athletic ability. At halftime, Houston was up 2 – 0. However, Houston did not take advantage of their position. The Dynamos played so well that I believed the final score would be Houston 5 – Portland 0. It was not to be because Houston simply did not see the opportunity in front of them – they should have piled it on when they had the chance.

In the second half, Portland scored early. I thought “not a problem, Houston is the better team”. Nevertheless, Houston did not score a single point in the second half. Portland did not really have the skill and teamwork to maintain a steady drive to the goal. Rather, their first score was on a fast take away. One player from Portland basically took the ball the whole length of the field to make the score.

The second score for Portland was essentially a replay of the first one. The ball was stolen from Houston close to the Houston goal. A kick from the sideline to center of the field, in front of the Houston goalie, ended with a head shot for the score. It was not a great play – Houston was just sloppy. At the time of the second score, the time on the clock was literally 90:24.

The game was not all about soccer on Wednesday night. The event is a good opportunity for family time. You can see married, singles, large families, and extended families. BBVA stadium is just a good place for it. Check out more photos below.

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