Mass Shootings Are Up In Texas

This is a difficult subject to talk about because Texas was not like this a decade ago. I have tracked these events for years and I found that most of the time the actors were from out of state. Today, so many are occurring that it is difficult to track them. Past experience tells me that these events are usually driven by drugs.

Incident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# Injured
May 29, 2021TexasSan Antonio3300 block of Fallen Leaf Ln22
April 25, 2021TexasPalestine1101 W Palestine Ave04
April 19, 2021TexasHouston700 E Whitney St24
April 9, 2021TexasFort Worth2000 block of SW Loop 82015
April 8, 2021TexasBryan350 Stone City Dr15
April 4, 2021TexasBeaumont6035 S M L King Jr Pkwy04
April 3, 2021TexasAllen1517 Pine Bluff Dr60
March 28, 2021TexasSan Antonio2011 Dollarhide Ave04
March 20, 2021TexasHouston10266 North Fwy05
March 20, 2021TexasDallas10333 Technology Blvd17
March 12, 2021TexasAustin7408 Cameron Rd04
March 10, 2021TexasHouston6300 Ranchester Dr31
February 28, 2021TexasHouston13484 Northwest Fwy04
February 26, 2021TexasHouston8708 Beechnut St15
February 9, 2021TexasHouston945 W Little York Rd04
January 9, 2021TexasHouston5828 Martin Luther King Blvd13
January 6, 2021TexasLivingston201 Maple Ln22
January 3, 2021TexasHouston2900 Travis St14
January 1, 2021TexasAmarillo2650 Dumas Dr13

Sum Killed 22

Sum Injured 70

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