Texas House approves controversial SB7 that would restrict voting and sends it back to Senate, 5/7/2021

This is a difficult subject to talk about, primarily because of the whirlwind of confusion surrounding the issue. First let me say that Texans are conservative and the news, not only in Texas, but across the nation, is simply silencing our voice. I have worked so hard to find an accurate presentation that will give you the truth on this issue, but the reality is that I have been unable to find reliable facts to present you. Much of what I know is from being a life long resident of the State and knowing the people that I live with.

Secondly, the Texas’ Right has been almost silent. All of the talk is almost completely from the Left. I go to the websites of Texas congressmen, “reputable” news sources, Republican sites, Greater Houston Partnership, and even local “Christian” conservative groups. Nothing, either not a peep or a blurred sea of nonsense. Please take me out of this “City of Confusion”

Currently the Bill passed the Texas’ House and is set to go to the Texas’ Senate. Although, Texas’ Democrats are deafening us with roars about how they are victorious due to the solid changes they made in the legislation – it is not true, trust me, the changes are minor.

Therefore, as we wait for the outcome, I would like you to see and read the following video and bulleted items. With an honest conscience, I am 99% sure they are correct. I know it sounds like a tidbit, however, you have no idea how much work it took.

  • Ban Drive Through Voting
  • Ban 24 hour Voting
  • Stop Texas officials from mailing out unsolicited absentee ballots

Texans do not want another 2015 election scenario. “Stop The Steal”.

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