There Is A War In Houston: Mayor Turner and County Judge Hidalgo cancel speeches at Greater Houston Partnership over Texas voting bills!!!!!, may 6 -7, 2021

This is the most inconceivable thing in my whole life. For my readers who are out of state, you will see what I mean. The situation essentially is that, the city of Houston has created an issue with the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP). That is Mayor Turner and Judge Hildalgo have targeted the Chamber of Commerce – today the name is Greater Houston Partnership. Greater Houston Partnership, is a made up name. I guess we had to get “progressive”. Get this, the issue is voting?!?!?!

As you all know, Texas is a red state and Texas was nearly knocked unconscious when Trump loss the election, in 2015. So, Republicans, nationwide, started to organize a way to stop fraud n the future: blocking illegal immigration and requiring that one must be a citizen to vote. requiring a driver’s license to vote. stopping the random and massive sending of mail-in voting forms, especially to those who did not request one, forcing that all mail-in ballots are verified and that it is an actual American that voted, stuff like that.

This is a national movement everywhere, not just in Texas. Yet when Texas moved to take the first stop to vote in the state Congress, an avalanche of blame fell upon them.

It is difficult for me to explain because there is no real evidence for me to draw from. The Republicans have mysteriously said nothing. Nothing on the websites. Referring to the 3 page letter, discussed in the second video;when I tried to find it, the only thing offered was from a source where I had to pay to receive it.

The Democrats get maximum and sensationalized coverage, when the Republicans get little and minimized coverage. Even the professor in the second video compared Texas to Chicago. Stating, this will work against the GHP because when the city needs new roads, the Mayor’s office will use this issue as a “bargaining chip”, for not going along. The debate has been so twisted. Perhaps this occurs in Chicago, but as a life long resident, let me state that we just do not do things that way in Houston, Texas.

All I can say is, please watch for yourself.

From Houston Channel 13:

From Houston Channel 11

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