The French Revolution: Conclusion

Now it is time to conclude our discussion on The French Revolution. I would like to get straight to the point, but first, let us review the principles of the Age of Enlightenment that caused the ball to start rolling.

Firstly, the primary tenets.

  • National Debt —>Bankruptcy.
  • Ban God from the Public space.
  • Loss of freedom
  • Guillotine

Let us look at what we see today.

  • National Debt. Remember, this is what started the French Revolution. In this age, we have seen our debt increase exponentially. The primary causes are, an illogical reaction to the COVID pandemic that was not based on reality – specifically the destruction of our economy, huge corporate bailouts, when hurting Americans needed jobs rather they were given welfare, at the same time millions of dollars were given in “aid” to countries whose name I cannot even spell, and finally, allowing millions of illegals to flood our country – creating a financial strain on law enforcement, stressing our welfare system, the taking of American jobs, a force to drive down wages in general. Think about this logically. What do the Democrats think will happen through this? Prosperity? It being done on purpose. No one is that stupid.
  • Ban God from the Public space. Democracy is nothing new. Some famous Democracies of antiquity include Greece, Rome, and Carthage. For the most part, philosophers, kings and even most regular people either hated it or suspected it. Many philosophers died for speaking out against it. I even heard Victor Hanson say on C-SPAN about 12 years ago that it was just a tool for war. Go figure. There is no doubt about one thing in those times: speaking out against God resulted in the death penalty. I do not know what happened to us but this is not Democracy
  • .Loss of Freedom. Today, anyone that mentions God is made a complete joke. This was not true with the ancients. They firmly believed that Truth came from far beyond themselves. For them, it could not only be seen in the heavens, but even in the physics of nature including the mechanisms of man himself. Suddenly, today, man is the source of truth. One example is simply defining what is normal orientation: heterosexual, bisexual, or transsexual. I mean, it might have occurred in the ancient world but if it became known, death penalty. That is true today in much of the world also. Things have progressed to the point of denying people the of the right to make a living, a law of nature that until recently was eternal. Suddenly, man can say: COVID and shutdown. Today, man even decides who has the right to live by fiat: the government decides if you are valuable but if too sick – gone. Never has history seen this. Know that people always had faults like us but it was always known by people that it was wrong and there were consequences. It is an upside down world, and today, for the most part, we have no rights – not even the right to live. If you have no God, then you have no rights.
  • Guillotine. One thing that has not changed is the Guillotine. Let me explain. Firstly, the USA cannot really be compared to anything else, yet. The other Democracies had histories of 300 and even up to 700 years. Yet, we are too young for any comparison. However, the pattern is consistent; when a Democracy started to get out of control, the result is always the same. What I read was so horrible, that I cannot find words for it. All I can say is that “Perhaps now is the time to be concerned”.

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