The French Revolution, Part 10

After the death of Robespierre, what do you think happened next? Historians would say, a genetic movement that no one can stop. First the revolution dies, but that is like your brain going into a coma. There are still arms, legs, lungs, heart but the brain is useless. Suddenly, the brain is awake, and attention is turned back to the body. This time the brain says, “no funny business”. Before the brain allowed stupid fantasies from the heart to affect thinking. It allowed evil dispositions to have too much comment on how things are to be run. The brain becomes a tyrant. This tyrant is usually a good one, but sometimes it is not. The only concern is to keep you alive, so all other opinions are blocked. The brain says heart, lungs, stomach, sleep, food, work, no liquor, no drugs, etc, and you hate him. The new tyrant is usually good, but sometimes he is bad – like Napoleon Bonaparte.

The bad thing about Napoleon is that he is a product of The Enlightenment. He hated Monarchies because he was not of royal blood. He tried to stamp out Royalty in France, Spain, Austria, Italy, etc. Funny thing is that the Monarchs of Europe hated Napoleon – regardless of religion, Catholic, Lutheran, etc. Napoleon was a tough guy to stop. Someone knew how to stop him.

It was up to the Pope to come up with a plan that would take down Napoleon. The pope shuffled over to Austria, the home of The Holy Roman Empire, and empire that lasted 1000 years, to trick Napoleon to get a divorce. The plan was to offer Napoleon a chance to marry a daughter of Austria – a Hapsburg. Through marriage, he could claim to be Royalty. Napoleon took the bait. When Napoleon divorced his wife and married a Hapsburg; the Pope said “Napoleon, you committed the mortal sin – divorce”. Napoleon was excommunicated and ruined. Napoleon took the full swing of the axe. No one said anything about Austria?

After Napoleon, France restored the Monarchy. They soon returned to being a monster superpower.

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