Commentary: The Jen Psaki Comedy Hour

Hi readers, before I start I just want to repeat that I no longer have cable TV. It is for 2 reasons actually. The first is that after Biden got rolling with his Executive Actions, I saw that all of the news stations were suddenly griped in terror. Essentially, they just closed their mouths and wrote off every serious interview as a joke or degraded the issue in some panel of journalistic discussion where no one had any expertise in the subject.

The second reason is because I like to watch shows like Mannix, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Gilligan’s Island, and Mom, stuff like that. Well when I went thought the weekly schedule to select shows, I would instead get stuff like Cagney and Lacy or The Good Wife. I did not complain because even to do that they tell you on the phone, “please enter account number”, “next address”, “social security” – oh forget it. I did mention it when I actually cut the service, and all I heard was a giggle.

All I have now is internet TV, but that only means Newsmax or C-SPAN. Newsmax is scared like every one else but C-SPAN is no alternative. My displeasure with C-SPAN started with Brain Lamb in the early 1990s when he would show no respect for authors if they did not respond in a manner that Lamb liked it. He admitted that he would use this technique – essentially humiliation – to “get them to talk”. Then I saw Dinesh D’Souza, a Catholic Christian, get absolutely destroyed by a rude guest interviewer around 2010 because of D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. On that day, I sent an email to D’Souza saying that I will never watch C-SPAN again. He never responded but that is OK, because I never did go back to C-SPAN.

Well now I am forced to go back to C-SPAN – really there are no other options. Sometimes I see Jen Psaki and I notice that she is not a nervous wreak anymore. I said, “Hey, wait a minute”. Now I know why. I no longer see any of the great and serious journalists asking her the great and serious questions. She still sounds like the Oracle of Delphi but now there is no one to object.

I am referring specifically to Peter Doocy. When I first saw Peter, I thought, “OK another young punk”. But oh no, much to my surprise, he is proving himself to be a real adult. As Peter moves out in the field, paying his dues, as we all had too at one time; I thought his pointed questions to Biden on the campaign trail made Jo-Jo, look ridiculous. He still won the election? Weird!!!

When Peter started to apply his strategy on Psaki, he noticed that he needed to change his psychology – this woman, Psaki, just clams up, “Circle Back”. Psychology means “Mind Study”. Therein lies the problem, first requirement is a mind. I could see the disappoint grow in Peter’s eyes. No matter how he couched his question, same answer – “Circle Back”.

Today, I no longer see Steve at the “fiasco”. I am so proud of him, Steve Doocy must be so proud of his boy – who is actually an adult. If Peter is there, I truly do not see him. The problem is that now I cannot find any thing about Peter on the internet. I think he is being “shadow banned”. I cannot go into details, but let me say that it is “nasty”.

The problem now is C-SPAN. They will not stop broadcasting the “Jen Psaki Comedy Hour”. I very much welcome your input. Please help fill in any gaps, if I cannot see them.

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