Biden Infrastructure Bill, sifting through The Confusion

I have collected two videos to try and clear the confusion. I think the cloud of mystery is there because of collusion between Demos and Rinos. OK, together the two videos clear things up. However, there is one problem: Shelley Capito, point man for the Republicans on this issue..

I can only describe her as a mixed bag of contradictions. Firstly, she is a “good ole girl” – Shelley Wellons Moore. She comes from a beautiful area of West Virginia, just South of Wheeling. I know because I used to live in WV, the area is God’s Country. There are a lot of Italians in WV because of the coal mines; thus Shelley Capito.

Well, her father used to be Governor of WV but was arrest for corruption and sent to prison. Next, her sister and husband were both arrested together for selling drugs. She is not Italian, rather Anglo. She is not Catholic, rather Presbyterian. Her degree is in zoology? Is this really the right point man?

I think both Democrats and Republicans are playing “opossum” on this. Watch the videos and see for yourself.

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