The French Revolution, Part 9

Once the Constitution was rolled out, it was on to the most sinister part of the plan. Enter stage Maximilian Robespierre. Robespierre was a very well known lawyer in Paris. He may have been friends with Rousseau but this is not clear in history. What is known is that Robespierre was a great reader of Rousseau.

Being a leftist, Robespierre is immediately welcomed by parliament. By the way, Parl in French refers to talk, Parler. We should reevaluate were we are getting these evil words. He was ultimately assigned to the Committee of Public Safety. That is another way of saying The Ministry of the Thought Police. Robespierre then put on his good ole boy hat and went out to speak to the French Royalty. What he found was, OH you do not agree with the Constitution because you are Catholic. OH you do not believe in the Social Contract because you are Catholic. OH you do not believe in the Constitution of the Priesthood. YOU MUST DIE.

During Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, July 1793 – July 1794, he signed 542 arrest warrants. He also started a new phrase and it was recently repeated by Nancy Pelosi; The Enemy Within. It is crystal clear what the Democratic Party is doing in America – starting the Reign of Terror. All their talk about how good people making a mistake in judgement and walking on Federal grounds are now TERRORIST. The enemy is within. The Demos need 24 hr military protection. They will use Facebook, LinkedIn, voice recordings, photos, videos, cameras, anything to fight THE ENEMY WITHIN. You do see how it is.

In July 1794, Robespierre was turned over to the Guillotine and executed. I think now is the time for Americans to get worried.

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