Democratic Controlled House: Living In A House Of Inequity

Let us take a little stroll down Memory Lane. Back to the bad old days circa 2000. What was the first outrageous thing that the Federal government demanded, and you stupidly complied? Travel Restrictions.

Fine. Now you cannot go to the airport dressed like a businessman anymore. That is because all the the business attire must be removed anyway: Cashmere wool coat, tight knit wool Marx Brothers blazer. Florsheim cool shoes, the $500 wool Fedora crushed in the scanner, and your Jos A Bank leather belt. All removed.

So, I signed up for Global Entry. This means no luggage check. This means I do not have to take my clothes off. What happens? My own fellow Texans at George Bush Airport, become Judas goats and hand me over to Pilate.

I say I refuse a search. TSA responds, it does not matter who you are nor what you have, we can do whatever we want. I respond no no I have Global Entry. Suddenly everyone starts screaming: Refusal, Refusal, Refusal. TSA says, you read your agreement, it says ultimately I do whatever I want. That is true.

About 10 guys show up around me, with paddles. These are guys that I easily could have knocked out as they approached, but that means I am going to Jail. What is the use? However, I defied them so now I must pay. They start a search which includes a technique for racking your genitals. No problem, people have tried that all my life, now days it just bounces off like a fly. They see that I am not distressed, so they just start punching my penis with their fist. It is not going to work, I do not play childish games anymore. In San Francisco, the guard made me pull down my pants in open pubic view. His hands with down my pants. The intention is to violate you.

So now, on top of ever thing else. On top of having your baggage ripped apart and thrown everywhere looking for firearms. Now you have to do the following

  • wear a mask
  • show you use that slimy thing I hate: hand sanitizer
  • show a vaccine passport
  • wear the mask for the full 20 hour flight – which is not possible because normal people get sick from that, it is torture. Go ask John Kerry.
  • At deboarding, more mask, more hand sanitizer, and more passport.

I do not know how any one can be brainwashed into their own human torture.

But now comes the Coup de Grace, thousands of illegals are pouring into the country with COVID and no one is testing them, nor treating them. You have to do all the above things, yet your efforts to keep this country clean and safe are smeared with mud back right in your face. After being slapped in the face like this, America is robotic, continuing the same stupidity like they are not using their brain.

I give up. I will not be a dumb robot.

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