The French Constitution, Part 8

The last time we spoke about the Constitution of the Clergy.  Oh my God, how awful.  It gets worse but we can cover it quickly.  Next up is, The French Constitution for everyone else,  Please follow me on the chart.

It can only be described as “worthless” The reason why is that the French Revolutionaries were just simple Terrorists. The constitution is preambled with the “Rights of Man””, blah blah. It states that the King holds the final say. Ok, then why was the King executed? Did he kill himself? It is clear that these people are just a bunch of gangsters, holding the King hostage.

This is what really gets me about these people: all the talk about Brotherly Love. The philosophies of social contract, clean slate, emptying your mind to find God. The whole time they were just sharping the Guillotine. Take a look around you. What do you see?

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