Commentary: The State Of News In America

I am writing this because it has become increasingly difficult to find you good information for you. In the past two weeks, no one is saying anything.

Let us take for instance the national news stations on cable. No one is discussing any story in depth. For most of the time on the big news stations, hours are spent with journalist sitting in a round couch, hashing out the issues, as if the journalist were the experts. Then, when they do have an expert from Washington DC, the issues are only nibbled at the surface. Once the expert goes into a torrent of information, the journalist says, “Ok, we have to leave it right there, moving on to other issues,

Print media went that way a long time ago. I saw most publications go down in staffing. Seems like most print is written by the Publisher or the Managing Editor – no technical background at all. I have submitted some pretty technical articles while working as freelancer. It is usually rejected by the Managing Editor because he cannot understand it – no technical background. Most articles have 4 or 5 technical messages, but the rest is just flowery language that adds nothing to the narrative.

Houston Energy Industry News strives to be better. I try to find news with meat that you can bite into. The press releases and content that I create must be meaningful; I know how it feels to shift through tons of meaningless content trying to find essential meaning. If the real content is not there, then I will not publish it. I cut my cable service today.

This is the direction I would like to move in. Please help me. By the way, the commentaries on the French Revolution have been put on hold due to my bad allergies over the past two weeks. Hopefully I can restart next week.

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