Don McLaughlin, Mayor Of Uvalde, TX: Pubic Officials Swore An Oath To Uphold The Laws And Protect The Citizens, On The Border, 3/30/2021

The is a good video. I was wondering how long it would take for someone tosay it. The point is that Joe Biden announced that he will not be deporting illegal aliens; yet says that the Border is closed, and that immigrants should not be crossing. So, if Biden is not letting them in, then the only ones letting them in must be our elected officials: Governors, Sheriffs, Mayors, Border Patrol, etc. Just because we cannot deport them, does not mean that we should just let them in.

Let us take a closer look at this. Biden, and the Democrats, say that the border is closed and that illegals cannot enter; although if they are found in the country, the US will not deport them. The Democrats are covered. Yet, illegals kept coming in. That means that the Republican party is complicit in this crime, especially in Texas which is so Republican. No one said that we cannot keep them out in the first place.

In the past, our rustic leaders in Texas never would have put up with this, regardless of how corrupt they were. They would have said, “This is ridiculous – we are sending them back”. When this all started, I was watching it on Fox News Morning. I could not believe what I saw. The government was sending luxury, plush, coach liners, to pick up illegals in Mexico and chauffeur them to the US side. All those tough talking Republican leaders are in on it: Abbott, Cruz, Graham, etc. They just talk and talk and talk, yet not results. Recorded history will say that Biden is innocent of this, while the Republicans are guilty.

Please view the following video. What i have outlined so far in this article, is what I think this Mayor is trying to say. We need to protect ourselves. As Mario Puzo wrote, “It is every man’s our responsibility to stay alive”.

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